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Heavy duty industrial ice machines

In the refrigeration industry there are a number of standards to define the best quality in terms of ice making and the machines intended for it. One of these is the presence of high technology in each of the elements and pieces that are part of these; but is it enough with only the highest quality technology?

Features such as efficiency, adaptability and reliability are part of the requirements sought by many companies that make use of an industrial ice machine, and these words are precisely those that define the equipment manufactured by A&V Refrigeration.

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Fragmented ice (also known as flake ice) is ideal for the trade of:

  • Fish and seafood.
  • Vegetable processing.
  • Industrial kitchens.
  • Among others…

Our machines are capable of producing between 2,000 pounds (909 kg) and 40,000 pounds (18,181 kg) of flake ice in just 24 hours, and their thickness is adjustable from ⅛” (3 mm) to ⅝” (16 mm) for greater flexibility. 

This is achievable because key parts, such as the evaporators, are constructed using a vertical tube design that allows ice to form on both the inner and outer walls, providing maximum efficiency and greater output.

In addition, the evaporator sections, tubes, frames, panels and ice cutter are made entirely of stainless steel (304 made in the USA). 

Best quality flake ice

Cracked ice usually has many advantages, not only in its production, but also in its application. It is easy to store and handle when a properly designed thermo-insulated container is available for storage; and it can be used immediately after producing.

In order to achieve an optimal result, such as Cracked ice, a meticulous manufacturing process is carried out. The production capacity can vary depending on: 

  • Air and water conditions.
  • The type of refrigerant used.
  • The thickness of the ice.

In the case of ice produced by A&V machines, it is produced on the surface of vertically suspended cylinders. The cylinders are designed to transfer heat between the water and the refrigerant by convection and conduction through the stainless steel separator wall.

This process plus the design of the machines that offer a larger surface area for heat exchange for immediate and long-lasting cooling, ice production is fast and efficient. 

In addition, the design of the machines allows for less downtime due to the use of standard parts. With the exception of the evaporator, most of the major components are readily available from local refrigeration stores.

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