A&V Refrigeration makes its mark in the food and the construction industry

A&V Refrigeration makes its mark in the food and the construction industry

The food industry requires a series of vitally important processes for the preservation of its elements. One of them is to maintain the required cold chain in optimal conditions. 

Today’s consumers demand high-quality standards in food and beverage processing. Refrigeration must be efficient and robust enough to cope with the rigorous demands of the food industry.

Do you think large companies use ordinary or homemade ice? Well no, it is in these spaces that shaved ice comes into the picture.

Low-temperature rapid cooling is the key to the long-term preservation of high-quality foods, as it perfectly preserves the original quality and flavor of the food. 

Cracked Ice or Flake Ice is a great ally for the trade of:

  • Fish and seafood.
  • Poultry.
  • Vegetable processing.
  • Among others.

This is because it is a material that is easy to store and handle, it can be used immediately after its manufacture.

In terms of vegetable processing, it offers faster cooling for storage and transportation, which makes its use more convenient, especially in food preservation and refrigeration of large proportions.

A&V Refrigeration ice machines have become essential equipment for various industries, but their function in the food industry has been one of the most striking because they are capable of producing between 2,000 pounds (909 kg) and 40,000 pounds (18,181 kg) of Cracked Ice or Flake Ice in just 24 hours. This production record is a great advantage in its use for the food industry.

Uses beyond the food industry

In the construction industry, ice also plays a fundamental role because it is one of the most efficient methods to contribute to low temperature in concrete. 

This material must be: selected, produced, transported, and handled properly to maintain its quality and strength. A&V Refrigeration machines make this process possible.

In this type of industry, ice is used in ready-mixed concrete in order to reduce its temperature, a very important step that will allow it to develop strength and durability. 

Not just any ice is used in this process; ice cubes tend to stick together and clump into blocks, so Cracked Ice or Flake Ice is used because it does not stick together and its particles are small enough to melt into the concrete uniformly in a shorter time than other forms of ice.

Creating the best ice for all types of industries

Making a mark in different industries is achieved through efficiency in the ice-making process. During this process, it can be seen that A&V Refrigeration ice machines have a series of vertically suspended double-walled cylindrical evaporators. 

These parts are critical in the Cracked Ice or Flake Ice-making process, as they allow the cold water to recirculate, allowing the refrigerant to pass through the space between the two ice-making surfaces.

This process utilizes 100% of the surface area of the evaporators and provides fast production with maximum efficiency. 

The freezing period is determined by a repetitive cycle timer. When the ice has reached the desired thickness, hot gas from the compressor is introduced into the annular space breaking the ice bond, causing the concentric cylinders to fall by gravity.

Two adjustable internal timers control the cooling and defrosting cycles, which allow the ideal ice thickness to be obtained.

Each of these details gives us the quality and experience that has accompanied us over the past 30 years to become the industry leader, using high-powered machines that increasingly produce the best ice of the best quality

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